Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm it!

Jody tagged me to blog about something that makes me happy, for eight days! We'll see if I can remember to do it every day!

Day 1

It makes me happy that my table never has to be naked. There is a whole "garden" of flowers outside, and Bug and Pyper make sure that the jar is always full of fresh posies! They don't even have time to die off before they refresh the bouquet. Thanks girls! I Love You!

I tag Laura, Valerie, Jenni, Tawny, Mandy, and Cami.


The funny facers said...

those are beautiful flowers!!

Team Atwood said...

ME??? You tagged me for this? Wow now I'll have to blog instead of facebook ;-)

Tonya said...

Nah, just post 'em on your wall! :)

JeN said...

What.. You tagged me too!!! I have fallen off the blog wagon-I am with Team Atwood.. Guess it's time for Blog instead of facebook.. I will work on this tag tommarow :)