Monday, May 18, 2009

Lots of Happiness

Day 7

There are quite a few things that make me happy today, five to be exact. Consider this a "bonus" day! The first one is Hannah.
She is growing up to be such a beautiful young woman that I just can't believe it! It seems like just last week she was telling me what all the animals say and we were going to story hour. Now she thinks she should be able to go shopping at the mall by herself. She still realizes that I am not quite big enough to let her do that all the time yet, and lets me tag along sometimes! She is very responsible and aware of things. She also thinks of others a lot and wants to be sure they are happy.

Then there is my dude... In this house full of girl hormones, Seth is my mellow spot. Not much bothers this kid. He is a cheese and a ham (kinda makes him sound like a sandwich huh?). He loves to make people laugh! And he gives the best squeezes and smooches all the time! What almost-ten-year-old-boy isn't ashamed to squeeze his mom in front of his friends? I'm pretty lucky. He loves to skate and snowboard, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if I get to watch him in the X Games one day! If you can't tell by the hair--Shawn White is his hero! Oh yes, I also LOVE his freckles!

And my Bug...
She has become my sidekick in the kitchen. She is wild and crazy and full of life! She is stubborn and independent, but she is the most compassionate little girl I have ever seen. She makes sure that everyone is included and has someone to play with. She likes to make sure people are happy and tries so hard to do what you want her to. She keeps our home filled with life! There is never a dull moment with her around!

Pyper is another thing that makes me happy.

She tries so hard to be as big as the others. She idolizes her big "sissy" (that would be Hannah) and hates to be left behind by her "sista"(that would be Bugga). Her "brwoder" is her favorite pal to play video games with. She says some of the funniest things and I am constantly wondering what will come out of her mouth! She has to make sure to "mootch and gweeze" almost everyone who comes or goes from our house. Even if I am just running out to shuffle cars, I can't walk out the door without kissing her! I'm also happy that her "umblilicil cowrd" grew long enough for her to go to school! (As you can see from the picture, this is what she shows you when she says it has grown.)

I can't forget this "child"... Evona is ALWAYS happy to see me. She has the cutest little personality, and doesn't know she is a dog. I'm pretty sure she thinks she is a human. She plays with the kids and is Pyper's best friend and also her worst enemy! She loves to sleep on my warm bed, and chew her rawhide bones. She is pretty sure it is every one's job to pet her and let her sit on their lap. Her best friend is her "cousin" Jayda, who is a boxer! THAT is a funny sight!

There you go. I am VERY happy today!


The funny facers said...

yep, you have so much to be happy about. I was seriously going to do the same thing on my blog today, your kids are awesome, and I am glad that our kids are friends too, just like we always said would happen when we were in High school!!