Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dinnertime Entertainment

My children are weird! They were serenading me at dinner tonight. Now, I don't usually allow this sort of wildness at the dinner table, but since I haven't felt good for the past couple of weeks I thought that my kids probably could use a break! So, I got out the camera and recorded their songs for all posterity. My boy told me that he was glad I was feeling better and was fun again! Then they all asked me if I would put them on my blog! Being the wonderful mom that I am I said OK.

Here they are for your enjoyment! They were being REALLY loud, so be warned! I would say enjoy, but I don't know if that is quite the right word...

This is the song that started it all!


Then Bug had to get in on the action. She took the song that Hannah was going to sing.


Seth decided on this little ditty...


And, of course Hannah is ever the dork. She had to do 3 takes, but the first one I forgot to record! So here are her last two!


Take #2-


They may be dorks, but they are MY dorks!!


Grandma Charlene said...

Oh my gosh! I am so glad you are feeling better. Where did these dorks come from? It must be the Gordon coming out in them. So glad they have the Webb in them to make them cute dorks. Glad you had some fun!

The Gordons said...

Russ said... yep, those are Dsvid's kids alright! I'm sorry you've been sick... so I'm glad your feeling better!

JeNnI said...

What some goofballs you have!!!

Leslie said...

Oh help us they are just like their parents.