Monday, October 6, 2008

Is It A Boy Thing?

I woke up just a bit ago and remembered that I forgot to put some jeans in the dryer. As I was unloading the washer, this is what I found...

Now, all of this belongs to my son. This isn't the first time that I have washed some of this stuff. (FYI-football cards can last about 3 washes before they disintegrate. Pokemon are doing good if they make it through one!) Do you think I will EVER learn to check this kid's pockets? How does he fit all this stuff into his pockets? I only washed ONE pair of his pants!


The Gordons said...

OMGosh... my kids do that to me all the time! I am so sorry... I can't tell you how many Yugiho cards I've destroyed!

I will never reach in thier pockets after the horror stories my mom told me of reaching in a pocket and finding a snake! Blech!

Tonya said...

Um...Yeah...well, after that story, if I ever HAD intended to clean out his pockets, you can bet I won't now!! YUCK!