Friday, October 31, 2008


Here is a peek at all the fun we have been up to today...

These are our jack-o-lanterns that we carved last night. Sorry, no pictures of that, it is hard to snap photos when you are elbow deep in pumpkin guts!

And here are all the cute costumes...

Hannah is a "Halloween Fairy" who doesn't like her picture taken (don't ask me, she is usually a very photogenic person!)

And this is my SON! He decided to be a Gothic cheerleader. While making this costume, I said quite a few things I never thought I would. Such as "I am finishing my son's skirt." "HIS makeup is almost done." and "Just making Seth some panties."

And here is our "Snow Fairy". She has been waving her wand to make it snow, but has yet to succeed! She wants to go skiing!

Pyper chose to be a Black Cat so she was "just like Dora." I especially like her "ears!"

We couldn't leave Evona out! She makes a pretty cute bat. The funny part is that she didn't mind being dressed up. She pranced around all night!

Then we always have a very gross meal for Halloween dinner. My kids expect it now! So tonight we had a mummy with gut sauce, parasite and worm salad, and ectoplasm pies for dessert--complete with dirt and ghost poop! To drink we had a tall pitcher of good ol swamp water! YUMMY!


The Gordons said...

Your kids all look adorable... As well as your doggy!! That salad was yummy BTW!