Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hannah's birthday party

On Friday night we had the fam over for cake and ice cream, and of course, Hannah's favorite part--PRESENTS! David even made it home for her birthday! (After missing his first flight, spending $50 to reschedule and me driving to Salt Lake to pick him up! We made it home about 30 minutes before everyone came!) Luckily, Grandma Charlene stopped and grabbed her cake, and Aunt Loopy brought some ice cream, thanks guys. There wouldn't have been much cake and ice cream at this party without you!!

The cake was yummy. White cake with strawberry filling!

Since we told Hannah that we would take her and 2 friends to the mall on Saturday, most everyone just gave her money. As you can tell, one of the best gifts you can give this girl is cold hard cash! She made off with $45 and a $20 gift card! (And she wouldn't even give me a loan!) She also got $45 in iTunes cards, which we HAD to download after everyone left!

Here are some more pics from the night:

Thanks everyone for coming and making her day happy. I know it means a lot to her! She also spent her birthday money well, a new outfit and 2 new pairs of shoes!!

FYI-That cheesy photo of me and all my chins is only there so that people know that my kids actually DO have a mom! Oh well, I guess that is what happens when you are the one that takes all the photos!


JeNnI said...

Looks like Hannah had a great bday and party.. Way to go Mom...