Saturday, September 20, 2008

"The Dark Night"

OK, so I am probably REALLY behind the times because I just barely saw this movie and it has been out for months! I was waiting to see it with my hubby, and you have to be in the same state to go on a date! We were going to go see it a while back, then David found out how much of a deprived child/adulthood I have had. I have never seen any of the Batman movies. None of the older ones with Micheal Keaton, or Batman Begins. So, on the day we had decided to go see the Dark Knight, we sat in the camper and watched Batman Begins instead. Finally, Thursday night we went on a date and saw this movie. The Joker was freaky, the inventions-amazing, and the action-awesome! I can't believe what I missed out on--Batman is great!

We also tried out the Indian Oven. I have only had curry a few times, and am still trying to decide if I like it. But, I got a $25 gift certificate, so we went. It was really good, a fun atmosphere, reasonably priced, and excellent service. I am excited to take Hannah next time since she loves to try new foods!