Sunday, May 25, 2014

SV Senior Ball

It's been a fun couple of weekends for Hannah. She went to the SV Senior Ball last night.  Her friends set her up on a blind date, his name was Nikhil. Their dance was a masquerade, and we found a fabulous dress.  It was a bit over the top, but perfect for a masquerade!  

David and I decorated the little gazebo in the park and I made them a fondue dinner. Wouldn't you know it, I realized I didn't take a picture as we were taking everything down.  But Pyper said it "looked fancy like a wedding place", so I guess it must have been OK!

I DID, however, get a picture of Hannah and her date!
It was starting to storm, and we were trying to get them out of there (since dinner was outside) before it got too cold, so I just snapped the one picture.

Today after church, we took these...

She even had sparkly gold slippers!