Tuesday, May 13, 2014

MC Senior Prom

My Hannah has a friend, Megan, from Cosmetology who goes to Mountain Crest.  It was their Senior Prom on Saturday night.  Megan wanted to go, and wanted Hannah to come with her. So Hannah asked our good friends' son, Micheal if he'd go with her. He may have a weensy bit of a crush on Hannah,so of course he said yes!  They looked pretty great, and had a fantastic time!

The carnival was set up for Health days, so Hannah and Micheal stopped off so that David could see them before they left.  They took a ride on the Scrambler. It had been rainy all day and it was SO cold!

 She had a hard time getting all of her dress in!

 Then Michael sat on it! She's telling him to scoot over.


 And they're off...

We took a few pictures before they left.

These next three are my favorites. She got a phone call from Megan just as we were finishing up.  We had a little fun while Micheal was waiting for her to finish.

A princess and her Prince Charming?

She's gorgeous, I'm a lucky mama!


The Real Life of Mark and Em said...

Why has she grown up so much?! She looks gorgeous!