Thursday, March 27, 2014

A book report

I have a funny story about my Pyper...

Her class does book reports every few months. In an effort to keep them interesting for the kids, her teacher comes up with fun ideas for them to present the books they read. This one was my favorite so far.  The kids each had to read a biography of their choosing, and then they had to find 10 facts from their book. On the day of the book report, they got to dress up as the person they chose, read the facts, and see if the class could guess who they were.

Pyper thought for a long while about who she'd like to read about. We talked about people like Betsy Ross, Sacagawea and Rosa Parks. Aunt Kari said she had books about Amelia Earhart she could borrow. Her friends chose people like J.K. Rowling and Queen Elizabeth (seriously, what little girl doesn't want to dress up like a queen for school?).  After about a week and a half of deliberation, she came home from school with her book.  Who did she choose?

Why, Christopher Columbus of course!  We read the book, and chose the facts.  I was a little worried that she'd be disappointed that she had chosen a boy.  We made her costume, complete with a spy glass. It's amazing what you can make with an empty drink cup, a toilet paper roll, hot glue, and silver spray paint!  The night before the big day, we made sure everything was laid out for the next morning, and decided to just put her hair in a bun instead of cut it off. ( I may have had to remind her that if we cut it short "like a boy", it would be like that for a long while before it grew back. Luckily, she decided that wasn't a great idea and a bun would suffice.)  I usually have to wake her up in the mornings for school, but this day she was up and dressed before my alarm went off. We fixed her hair, she ate breakfast, and then we snapped some pictures.

 She came home after school and said, "Mom, we must have done a really good job on my costume. Some of the kids guessed who I was right when I walked in to my class!"