Monday, October 19, 2009

An update...sorta

So, the natives are restless and telling me it's time for an update. I realize it has been a long while and an update is overdue. We have been terribly boring around here lately and haven't had much blogworthy-ness. But here goes!

First off, we made Hannah an AWESOME tutu for the Sky View homecoming game. She and her friend Jessica had matching outfits and I think they turned out cute. I had lots of fun helping them to make them. Thanks for letting me have some fun too gals! The best part of their night was that SV won the homecoming game! That never happened when I went there....

Hannah also got to go to California over the UEA break to visit with the Belew Bunch. She had so much fun. They went to the beach, which I think she can now cross off her "bucket list". She had a small jellyfish squishing adventure and found out that even the dead ones sting. She now informs us every time that Spongebob goes jelly fishing that "jellyfish are rude!" She got to go shopping at a REAL mall and came home with a bunch of cute clothes. She called and told me she didn't know if she could fit it all in her suitcase to come home! Thanks so much Jenni, Brett, Dustin, Shaylee, and Whitlee for letting her come to visit....she is already begging me to come back!

Since we were all well last week, we got to watch Rand and the twins while Aunt Loopy took a much needed break. I got some cute pictures of the twins and my girls. Seth and Rand were too busy playing for any pictures. We had mounds of fun babysitting, but I was definitely worn out by the time Loopy came back! I am very grateful my babies all came one at a time! Pyper was a big help! She got in lots more baby time since she comes home earlier than the other kids. She was pretty excited to get to feed Jona!

Bugga was a good baby-putter-to-sleeper. She used to do this all the time when Pyper was tiny and was glad to see that she still had the touch. He was sawing logs about a minute after this picture! Go Bug!

This is Hannah showing off her mad baby holding skills! She was even MORE talented than this, she was texting too! You know who to call if you need a couple extra hands Aunt Loopy!

And today Pyper and I got to go on a field trip to the Preston Fire Station. She was so happy to get to ride the bus for the very first time. She also informed me that it was "bring your mom to school" day today and that is why I had to go with her! We got to try on the fire gear, see an old fire engine built in 1919, see the big fire trucks and the ambulances. There are pictures of all that too, but they aren't in my possession quite yet. So, I'll add those too as soon as I get them.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! In the middle of all our boringness...OUR DAD CAME HOME!!! We were pretty happy. We have missed him this year, more so than other years. So we have been spending time this last week not doing much of anything, but we are doing it with our dad! Yay!!!

Seth also went and played his first paintball game on Friday. Uncle Russell and David went too. Seth shot his dad and was pretty happy about that!

And my Bug...well, she is just as nutty and crazy as ever! She went to play paintball too, but changed her mind when they got there. She was an excellent cheerleader though!

So there you have our sorta update!


Laura and Dustin said...

It doesn't sound like you have been boring!!! I love the pics of the twins and your girls!! Thanks again!!

Grandma Charlene said...

See you had a lot to blog about. Glad you are all doing well. Love the Tutu Hannah. I am glad you girls still have their baby sitting skills.