Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We had a fun time at our house ushering in the new year. The "boys" went snowboarding and the "girls" had a tea party.

Bug cheesed it for a picture as usual!

Hannah "choked" on her cookies...

And Pyper remembered "pinky out" while drinking her tea.

Then we had a bunch of people over for a party. Our house was bursting at the seams. (OK, so it really doesn't take very many people for that to happen!) Since it was Leslie's birthday, I made the BEST chocolate cake I think I have ever eaten! We put a few candles on for her "plenty-seventh" birthday and she got them all blown out, with a little help from some children!

We had sandwiches on yummy potato rolls. (Yep, I made those too! Just call me Betty Crocker!) We played a bit of "Dance Dance Revolution" and just had a great time. We are not as great of dancers as we are rockers, but it was fun anyway!

Thanks everyone for coming over and playing with us, we had a wonderful time!


Laura and Dustin said...

We had a blast eating your awesome food and dancing at your house!! Thanks so much for inviting us and then coming and partying at our house too!!

Grandma Charlene said...

What a fun party. I hope Hannah didn't hurt her spline when she was chocking on her cookie! Glad you had a fun new years party. Love ya.

The funny facers said...

It kind of looks like Les is going to spit her Pepsi all over your chocolate masterpiece cake. Looks like you all had fun