Friday, January 9, 2009

Bug's Photography Skills

Cami and Jason gave Bug a little camera (Hannah Montana even!) for Christmas. She has been taking pictures of EVERYTHING! She has taken pics around the house, of her friends, and even took it skiing a couple of times! I have replaced the batteries about six times, good thing it is a digital camera and I don't have to develop film too! She wanted to show off her new skills, so I made this little slideshow of her work. I think she has real potential! How about you?


JeN said...

How cute... It looks like the pics I have a jillion of on my puter that the girls took and are so proud of.. Keep up the good work Bug!!!

The funny facers said...

Can I get an signed copy of one that is going up someones nose. that is a classic, and will be worth millions someday. Just think I will be able to say I've known her since she was a baby. good pictures Lyra!! She should come take some with my kids someday