Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

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It has taken me a little extra time to get thankful this year, but I think I finally made it! Here are some of the things that I am grateful for-- The country I live in so that I can have the chance to enjoy all the things that I have been given; a loving husband and great kids to come home to, some people never get to feel the joy that brings; family and friends, they always seem to make life better and know how to fix those bad days; a Heavenly Father who loves me and knows my needs, and will always make sure I get them even if it is not how I had it planned; a good dinner! (Some people don't even get that!)


Grandma Charlene said...

It was a good day. So glad we got to spend it with family. We really do need to be thanksful for what we have. Sure hope you kill the flying turkey soon. Love ya.

Tonya said...

You must have just caught his last moments! Is Santa any better? Love you too! (And you are up early, David is still in bed-the lazy butt!)

Grandma Charlene said...

I know I am up early!! Tell David to get his butt out of bed!! The problem I am having with this Santa is I can't really get upset with him like I could the turkey. You know it is almost Christmas and Santa's elves are watching me!!