Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Remember when I said that this kid was going to kill me off? Yep, see that lovely pink Band-Aid? She has done it again! Luckily, this one DIDN'T result in an ER visit. She fell into an end table and gashed her forhead right above her eyebrow. A couple of butterfly bandages and we were lucky enough to get it to stick back together, and the Dr. said that he could super glue (yes, you read that right --SUPER GLUE) it if it didn't stay closed, which it did--YAY!!
The funniest part was this morning as she was getting ready for school, she asked me if I would curl her hair so that everyone would notice her cute hair and not her Band-Aid! So, my question is...Did you notice the pink Band-Aid or her cute hair?
Also, in case you wondered...I got to go to my first Cub Scout Activity on Tuesday after school. It was a ton of fun (as I knew it would be) and I really enjoyed it. I had a good time with all the boys, but I knew I would! This new calling really is going to be fun, that was never the issue. I will just miss the girls, they were great too! (And yes, I still cry every time I think about it, but that is OK!)