Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Concerts

This year Pyper decided to follow Bugga's footsteps and play the violin.  She had her first concert on the 11th. Seth had his concert that night too. Since we've been to his before, and this was Pyper's first, we made him go alone. But don't worry, I have it on good authority that he did awesome as usual! I really do love to listen to him play his clarinet, and it makes me happy that these kiddos have musical talent. I always wished I had chosen to play an instrument! Anyway, back to Pyper's concert!  They played a few selections to show off their budding skills. It's been fun to watch her learn to play. (And I don't even wish for earplugs all that often!)  Pardon the shaky videos, I'm no cinematographer!

She reminded me as I dropped her off for practice that I couldn't forget her flowers! She got Whoppers, too! (Her dad rocks!)

Then on the 18th, Lyra had her orchestra concert. I really love to hear Lyra play. She's getting quite good. It's not uncommon for her to come home and ask me to find music for a certain song that her teacher has told her to try and play.  For her concert, she was supposed to play in a duo at the beginning of the concert. Then she decided to get bronchitis and miss a week of school, which is when she was supposed to learn to play the song. So,that didn't happen, but maybe next time!

It's a blurry picture, but I do love her bright blue violin. Besides making it easy to pick her out from the crowd, it suits her personality so well!

It's fun to see how much better these kids get from year to year!