Thursday, October 16, 2014

She's an odd duck

We had some neighbors (The Cottles), who lived just through our backyard for many years.  They have a son, Johnny, who is just a few days older than Seth, they are great friends. A couple of years ago, the Cottles moved to Draper for work. We've all missed them, but none of us as much as Seth has.  Johnny comes to visit every time they come up to visit their grandparents, and they talk on the phone while playing video games ALL THE TIME! So this year for UEA, Johnny invited Seth to come down to his house.  To make it a real adventure, we decided he could ride the FrontRunner. ( I was really only OK with it because it was a straight shot from one station to the other, IF he got off at the right stop...which he didn't. But that's alright, he wasn't lost for long before Cristi rescued him!)  

After Lyra and I saw him off at the station, she HAD to have her picture taken in the poke-your-head-through thingies.  She may be an odd duck, but she's my odd duck. And life is never boring with her around!