Friday, May 10, 2013

Little Miss Pagent

This coming week is Black and White Days.  One of the festivities was a Little Miss pageant for any second grade girl who wanted to enter.  Pyper thought it sounded like fun, so we filled out her form and sent it back to school. She stewed and stewed over what to do for her talent and finally decided to sing "Tomorrow" from Annie. We found a karaoke YouTube video and she practiced and practiced. They got to do 3 outfit changes if they wanted to. First they wore their favorite outfit, then another for their talent, and then they dressed up as their favorite princess for the awards.

First they introduced each girl and told a bit about them. (Hannah was the cinematographer since I had a tall person sitting in front of me and pretty much got to see the back of his head...and I was the designated clothing changer for the night!)  The video is kinda hard to hear, but she still makes me laugh!

Next came the talent portion. Have you ever listened to JUST the music from Tomorrow? It doesn't sound anything like the song! She had been struggling to get the timing right, so at the last minute she decided to just sing without the music. I think she did a pretty good job! And she wore her trusty Mary Poppins dress for good measure!

Then it was time for the awards. Every girl got an award, which Pyper thought was really neat.  They got to dress up as their favorite princess for this part. She decided that she wanted to dress as Lady Galadriel from Lord Of The Rings. (Random fact, Pyper's middle name is Galadriel... yes, we are geeks!)  She wondered if anyone would know who she was...they didn't.

She won the award for "Best Hair", which made me happy...that took for EVER to curl!

She had a fun "pageant"!