Saturday, October 20, 2012

Baby you can drive my car...

Monday Hannah went on her last "drive" for Driver's Ed. She was pretty nervous! This was THE drive that would decide if she was a good enough driver to be able to get her license. Sunday night, Grandma Charlene came and took her to practice her skills (thanks Grandma! You're a brave soul!)    Grandma must have done a good job, Hannah's teacher told her he was having a Proud Teacher's Moment. Apparently she has some mad parallel parking skills, he told her it was the best he's ever seen. 

She had to wait until the 19th to actually get her license (you know, that whole "having a permit for 6 months" rule), so yesterday we went to the DLD and she's now completely legal! To celebrate, she and Seth drove to Logan last night, ALONE, to get pizza for dinner.

Congrats my Hannah! I'm so proud of you!