Friday, December 30, 2011

Two Girls and Their Dolls

Last year for Christmas, Bugga got an American Girl doll. Pyper loved it and asked Santa for one this year. He delivered. They have had lots of fun playing "American Girls" together. Mrs. Claus made sure there were lots of clothes for both dolls this year, but must have ran out of time to make them a little jacket. It's been quite chilly here, so I rummaged through my fabric stash ad found some fleece and whipped up some jackets for the dolls yesterday. Bugga  got an Air Swimmer for Christmas this year (it's pretty cool), and it came with a helium tank to fill it.  She decided to fill up a balloon for her and Pyper (because floaty balloons are COOL!). Then they decided that it would be very nifty if their dolls could have a balloon too. Being the resourceful mom that I am, I pulled out the smallest balloons I could find, filled them up, tied on a string, and VOILA!

 I was "the bomb diggity" least that's what Bugga told me. Pyper said I was "the best mom EH-VA!" Who knew a couple of balloons would make me so awesome!

Bugga and "Kiera" and their balloons...

Pyper and "Sally" and their balloons...


vivian said...

You are a awesome Mom. I knew all the time. But to have your kids know it too is even better.
Love you . grandma