Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What we do after the fair...

While everything is getting torn down, Buggy, Pyper and I have to amuse ourselves. ( I honestly don't know where Seth was, but I think he was watching TV!) We decided to enjoy the sunshine and test out Pyper's birthday presents from Aunt Ree and Uncle Buzz. I got a HUGE laugh out of watching Pyper jump rope! Buggy is a fairly decent jump roper and can even do a few tricks! I took some pictures and a few videos of them.

Pyper would kick her leg out really far to get the skip it thing to spin. Mostly it just tripped her on it's way around!

Buggy was pretty good at it!

Hannah even tried it. (Don't tell, she was supposed to be working!)

And just to give an idea of how greasy she really was...

Don't worry, she came clean and is back to her normal girly self!

And so you can laugh too, here is a video of them jump roping and playing with the Skip It (I put them all together into one video).