Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just a funny

These two girls are kinda silly! I wonder sometimes what they are thinking.
In Singing Time today we learned a new song. Pyper was sitting in the chair in front of me chatting with her neighbor. The chorister was asking the kids the name of another song that they knew. I asked Pyper if she knew the name of the song..."I am a..." She turned around in her seat, looked me in the eye, and said "I am a MAMMAL!" Not exactly what I had in mind, but true.
After Primary, Lyra's teacher stopped me in the hallway. She told me she had a funny story that had happened in class. They played some games and were having a review of things that they had learned so far. The teacher asked the class if they knew the name of the place Adam and Eve lived. Lyra excitedly raised her had and told her it was called the "Forest of Jesus." When her teacher asked who told her that, she said her dad.
Like I said, those girls make me smile!


Lorena England said...

They are so funny...and so pretty, too. :) What a fun family you have!