Thursday, December 10, 2009

Time sure flies...

It seems like just last month that I would go to get Seth up from a nap, and he had swapped binkies. The orange ones always seemed to taste better than any other color! And then just last week, I'm pretty sure he was driving around Tonka trucks and watching Bob the Builder. Now he is a skateboarding, snowboarding, video game playing, rock and roll listening 10 year old! Where does all the time go?
Seth is such an amazing kid! He keeps us all entertained with his silly renditions of songs and stories of "What would happen if..." He isn't afraid to be who he is. I love the random hugs and kisses from him, he seems to know when I really need them. Life would definitely be not as much fun if he wasn't around, and we sure do love him!
Happy Birthday Dude! I love you!


Grandma Charlene said...

Man, it is bad enough that Hannah is getting so old. Now Seth is growing up too!! What will I ever do when he get taller than me too? Happy Birthday Dude. We love you lots and lots. Grandma and Grandpa.