Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hello everyone!

Well, a couple of us are home for a bit. Hannah, Seth, and I came home on Sunday night. Hannah left for Beehive Camp early Monday morning, and Seth and I went to Day Camp for Cub Scouts not quite as early on Monday!

We have been having lots of fun, but since I left my camera in Colorado, you don't get to see any of it. Sorry! We had lots of fun seeing some friends we made last year in Eagle, and just enjoying the town. It is one of our favorite spots!

We also lit off some awesome fireworks in Frisco, and watched the HUGE fireworks show that they do there, all while wrapped up in blankets, shivering and seeing our breath. In July. There is something that just is not right about that! It was SO COLD, we turned the furnace on in the trailer every single night! In July.

Hannah left for Brighton where they are having Beehive Camp. The rest of the young men and women in the stake are going on the trek this year, but you have to be 14 to go. All the beehives got to go to a special camp just for them. It should be fun, there are going to be girls from all over there as well, so she should get to make some new friends! I just hope she survives for 5 whole days, she couldn't take her iPod OR cellphone! And I didn't even cry when she left, aren't you proud of me!?! I'll let you know how things went when she gets home.

Seth and I had lots of fun at Day camp. We got do archery (Grandma Charlene would be proud, Seth hit 3 bulls eyes out of 4 arrows, and I even hit one!), Seth got some target practice with the BB guns, and we even got to go out in a rowboat! I must tell you though, NEVER sit behind Seth while he is rowing. He scoops all the water he paddles right onto your lap, and then you smell like stinky fish water for the rest of the day! You also should not have a group of Cub Scouts in the other boat who like to tease you. They row over and splash you until there is not a dry spot anywhere on your person. Just learn from my experience!

And then tonight Seth and I went out to dinner, partly because it was just the two of us and partly because we have no food in our house! I cleaned it all out before we left! Since you are probably having picture withdrawals, here are a couple from dinner. They aren't very good because I took them with my cellphone, but something is better than nothing! Seth ordered a "pizza bomb" and it was huge! The sad part is he ate the whole thing! I am getting a bit frightened of how much this kid is going to consume in a few more years!

Seth showing a little "Pizza Love". This kid is such a ham! I am pretty excited that we get to spend some time together this week! He's a fun kid!

You would think I never feed him with the way he inhaled this pizza! He does appreciate himself a good pizza!


The Webb Family said...

We missed you up camping Sunday...I was hoping we'd get to see you and such!
Glad you guys are having fun with David. Yes, you owe us many pictures, my dear...

Kari Webb said...

Yeah!! Your back. We missed you!! Hope we get to see you before you hit the road again.

Grandma Charlene said...

So glad you popped back in for a visit!! Lunch was good yesterday. We need pictures!!