Saturday, April 4, 2009

The last skiing post (at least for this year!)

Saturday was our last day at Beaver for the season. We had loads of fun, as usual. And it snowed, about 4 inches while we were there! The kiddos weren't very happy that the mountain was closing and it was still snowing!
Like I said before, if you have seen one picture of a helmeted skiing/snowboarding kid, you have pretty much seen them all! I did miss out on a video of Pyper, I was going to show off her awesome skills! I took some pics of them getting ready to go out, and also of their lunchtime fun! Aunt Loopy, Uncle Dustin, and Rand came with us again, and Aunt Loopy brought stuff to color. What a good aunt she is!

I am pretty sure this is Bug's "standard picture pose". About every picture I have of her is in this pose.

Hannah was pretty excited to "hit some pow"! She finally figured out the carving thing, and is now a pretty good snowboarder!

Here is Rand, all ready to go. Then he decided he needed a "nack" before he went "nobordin". We got him undressed...

Pyper learned to put her stuff on ALL BY HERSELF! She was so proud!

And then there is Seth, and his goofy face! What a kid!

Here is the gang having a snack break.

And Pyper and Rand making some beautiful atrwork!

We had a fun season, and can't wait until next year. Thanks for going with us Aunt Loopy, Uncle Dustin, and Rand!


Laura and Dustin said...

Thank You!! We always have more fun we tag along with you!!!