Friday, March 27, 2009

Crazy Hair--take #2

So, today was crazy hair day at school, for real this time! Bug had to have hers the same way, but Seth was adventurous and let me put little "knobs" all over his head! That kid is a crackup. He said they were his "controllers". Anyway, here is a new picture of crazy hair day!

And since I can't get the camera out without taking Pyper's picture...(Cami, I think she may be as bad as Bryli! Only she yells "Cheese and fuzzy pickles!")

Don't ask what is up with the face, I really have no clue. But do you like her inside-out shirt? Yep, she dressed herself today, good thing we have no plans to go anywhere!


Leslie said...

great hair Seth and Bugga lu. Pypee is pretty cute enven when she dresses her self

The funny facers said...

theese are great. I love how you got Lyras hair to stick strait up. Seth has such a fun personality to let you do that!