Monday, May 19, 2008

Because Loopy Complained...

It has been awhile since I posted, and Loopy started to complain that she didn't have anything new to read. So, here goes!
I got my stimulus check on Friday--WOOHOO!! I promptly went out and spent ALL of it. I got some cute bunk beds for Bugga and Pyper.(I stimulated the economy of Vietnam!) They have big drawers that go underneath them, but they had to be ordered and aren't here yet. Which is fine by me, after putting the beds together, I was pooped! It took me ALL DAY LONG!

I only had 2 extra twin fitted sheets and no top sheets, so we went shopping!

Bug chose "Hannah Montana" sheets.

And since Pyper loves EVERYTHING Dora...guess what she chose?

I got some cute fabric today to make them some almost matching quilts.. Pink, purple, and butterflies--girly as girly can be, but they picked it!

I still had money left after the beds, so I decided to stimulate the economy of another country, this time I chose China. I got an XBox 360, Rock Band, and Guitar Hero. We are all addicted and would really LOVE to be rock stars when we grow up! I'll have to post some pics soon of us rockin out.



JeNnI said...

Well.. Well.. I wish I had a stimulus check already dangit!!! Sounds like you got good use outta it..

Laura and Dustin said...

I love the beds!! It is great to see a new post, FINALLY! Ha ha, JK :-)!! Congrats again on all that you have been able to do! Rock Band Rocks!!

The Gordons said...

Woohooo... Nice!! We won't get ours until next month